Procesing EVTX files with NXLog

Reddit discussion on NXLog supporting.EVTX logs

2021.04.12. 07:50
Using NXLog to forward event data from MS Windows Server to Graylog

NXlog gets recommended as a log forwarder on a Reddit thread about an Open-source SIEM solution.

2021.03.11. 09:55
Microsoft introduced 2 NXLog connectors for its Azure Sentinel security information and event management platform

MSSP Alert article about Microsoft launching over 30 new out-of-the-box data connectors for its Azure Sentinel SIEM platform, including NXLog.

2021.03.09. 12:55
NXLog mentioned in Reddit for analyzing logs for suspicious activities after new 0-day on MS Exchange Server

NXLog has been mentioned in Reddit during a discussion about troubleshooting.

2021.03.08. 16:34
NXLog data connectors are listed in the Microsoft Azure Sentinel blog

Microsoft Azure Sentinel tech blog listing the newly added connectors mentions NXLog's data connectors that deliver Linux audit and Windows DNS Server events.

2021.03.04. 06:37
NXLog as one of the 15+ BEST Syslog Servers for Windows & Linux

Guru99 ranked NXLog in their "15+ BEST Syslog Servers for Windows & Linux" list.

2021.03.03. 09:43
Blumira mentioned NXLog as one of their primary forms of Windows logging

Blumira's "Lock Down PowerShell or Else!" article describes NXlog setup and chooses it as one of their primary forms of Windows logging.

2021.03.02. 13:41
SECNOLOGY integrates with NXLog for special cases

Nxlog operates as an Add-On in SECNOLOGY setup to help users to collect their traces in some specific situations within specific applications.

2021.03.02. 13:23
Using NXLog to ingest Windows Event logs and SNMP Traps

Panther Monitoring mentioned NXLog in a tweet as a tool to ingest Windows Event logs and SNMP Traps.

2021.03.02. 13:20
Using NXLog to send logs via GELF to Graylog server

Graylog users discuss NXLog configuration for their purposes.

2021.02.26. 11:01
How to send logs with SSL/TLS to Nagios Log Server with NXLog?

NXLog was mentioned in a tweet about installing NXLog in Nagios.

2021.02.23. 12:24
How to deal with all the event logs that get generated? What events do you tend to keep an eye on?

NXLog gets recommended by several users in a discussion about Windows Event Log Management.

2021.02.23. 12:19
Capturing events with NXLog and pushing them to a central log repo for querying

NXLog was mentioned in a Twitter discussion for ingesting logs in an analysis solution.

2021.02.22. 10:31
Using NXLog instead of Kiwi Syslog to read text or CSV files to be sent to Syslog

NXLog was recommended in a Kiwi Syslog disscusion for reading text or CSV files to be forwarded to syslog since Kiwi Syslog can't do this natively.

2021.02.10. 10:47
Loggly receives IIS logs directly from NXLog

Solarwinds mentions NXLog in their "5 Best Log Analyzer Tools for IIS Web Servers" article.

2021.02.08. 12:28