NXLog as a solution for sending logs to Graylog - instead of Filebeat

Reddit discussion about user using NXLog instead of FileBeat + GELF since it did not get it to work.

2021.08.13. 10:16
Centralization and unification of logs with NXLog (in Polish)

VOL's (Polish IT security company) article about the centralization and unification of logs with NXLog.

2021.08.10. 13:11
Bloomberg press release about QOMPLX business growth, including NXLog partnership

NXLog was mentioned as one of QOMPLX's partners in a press release published by Bloomberg.

2021.07.19. 15:22
Blumira blog post on the Windows PrintNightmare exploit utilizing NXLog for detection.

NXLog gets recommended in Blumiras' article on "PrintNightmare (CVE-2021-1675) PoC Exploit Code Released".

2021.07.05. 16:59
Discussion about filtering events

Reddit thread about filtering events to avoid getting a massive amount of Event ID 4703 which fills up a local Event Viewer.

2021.06.25. 08:20
The Benefits of Powerful, Flexible Log Collection and Management

Securonix tweet about their new Next-Gen SIEM, featuring advanced log collection capabilities with NXLog.

2021.06.16. 07:07
New NXLog BSM macOS data connector for Azure Sentinel

Microsoft Azure Sentinel blog post about their 15+ New Azure Sentinel Data Connectors, including NXLog BSM macOS data connector.

2021.05.31. 18:59
Apple's Mac security warning shows that closed beats open

Computerworld's article where NXLog gets mentioned as an innovative security tool that lets IT admins aggregate security logs from across their Mac fleet.

2021.05.24. 07:36
Simplifying Managed Security Services Log Collection Strategy With a Single Tool

Atmosera tweet about NXLog MSSP case study

2021.05.14. 10:56
Integrating Windows Devices with NXLog

DNIF SIEM video explaining how to install NXLog for Windows and how to collect and forward logs.

2021.05.12. 12:25
Collecting Hyper-V servers logs using NXLog

Graylog community discussion about how to configured NXLog to collect Hyper-V servers' logs.

2021.05.05. 10:39
NXLog Enterprise Edition v5.3 offering game-changer features for logging on macOS

NXLog new release was mentioned in the Enterprise Security Magazine as a game-changer for macOS logging

2021.04.26. 09:02
Procesing EVTX files with NXLog

Reddit discussion on NXLog supporting.EVTX logs

2021.04.12. 07:50
Using NXLog to forward event data from MS Windows Server to Graylog

NXlog gets recommended as a log forwarder on a Reddit thread about an Open-source SIEM solution.

2021.03.11. 09:55
Microsoft introduced 2 NXLog connectors for its Azure Sentinel security information and event management platform

MSSP Alert article about Microsoft launching over 30 new out-of-the-box data connectors for its Azure Sentinel SIEM platform, including NXLog.

2021.03.09. 12:55