How to deal with all the event logs that get generated? What events do you tend to keep an eye on?

NXLog gets recommended by several users in a discussion about Windows Event Log Management.

2021.02.23. 12:19
Capturing events with NXLog and pushing them to a central log repo for querying

NXLog was mentioned in a Twitter discussion for ingesting logs in an analysis solution.

2021.02.22. 10:31
Using NXLog instead of Kiwi Syslog to read text or CSV files to be sent to Syslog

NXLog was recommended in a Kiwi Syslog disscusion for reading text or CSV files to be forwarded to syslog since Kiwi Syslog can't do this natively.

2021.02.10. 10:47
Loggly receives IIS logs directly from NXLog

Solarwinds mentions NXLog in their "5 Best Log Analyzer Tools for IIS Web Servers" article.

2021.02.08. 12:28
Enhancing Azure Sentinel’s log ingestion capabilities with NXLog

Article published by Microsoft on how to enhance Azure Sentinel’s log ingestion capabilities with NXLog.

2021.02.04. 09:19
NXLog gets recommended as a tool to get a Syslog server setup in a Windows environment

In the Spiceworks Windows Server Forum users recommend NXLog as software to get SYSLOG server setup in a Windows environment.

2021.01.29. 12:08
Reddit conversation about MS Defender AV and SIEM integration where NXLog gets recommended

NXLog gets recommended in Reddit as a solution to collect MS Defender threat events to be sent to QRadar.

2021.01.19. 18:05
NXLog mentioned as one of the 30 best log management tools for 2021

Article selects NXLog in their "30+ Top Log Management tools in 2021" list.

2021.01.19. 13:13
NXLog is mentioned in an article about building malware analysis lab

Terabitweb Blog recommends NXLog's tool in their "Building a Custom Malware Analysis Lab Environment" article.

2021.01.06. 10:50
Shipping logs to Nagios using NXLog

Article on how to send logs from NXLog with SSL/TLS to Nagios Log Server

2021.01.04. 09:09
Modex mentioned NXLog partnership plans for further growth in 2021

Article in UK Tech News about Modex expansion plans and notable partnerships for their growth, including NXLog.

2021.01.04. 09:05
Design and Implementation of a SIEM with NXLog as log forwarder

Spanish article about setting up the log workflow with NXLog as a log forwarder.

2020.12.15. 12:15
Ingesting Windows Event Logs with NXLog

QOMPLX post explains how to configure NXLog to forward WELs from a Windows server.

2020.12.10. 09:13
Creating a Sigma Rule using NXLog to collect events from SysInternals Sysmon log data

NXLog gets recommended as a tool to collect events from Nextron product log data, in their "How to Write Sigma Rules" article.

2020.12.07. 10:50
Modifying PowerShell scripts so they can run properly through RTR with NXLog help

NXLog gets recommended as a log forwarder to a SIEM solution, so it can help PowerShell scripts to run properly through RTR.

2020.12.02. 15:18