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Want to easily search your Windows #log data? Try #NXlog: https://t.co/mqQq1I960i
2017.12.14. 12:55
Florian Roth
I am about to start a PoC with #nxlog as an alternative to #SnareAgent https://t.co/qpManoJ3yd Anyone with experiences?
2017.12.14. 12:55
Central Syslog server with NXlog, Logstash & Kibana

You can find really powerfull tools for making a central syslog server in the Open Source world; from the “traditional” Rsyslog + LogAnalyzer setup to the new players like Graylog2.

2017.12.14. 12:55
How To Do Endpoint Monitoring on a Shoestring Budget – Webcast Write-Up https://t.co/WYAT2fBoQ5 #EndpointMonitoring #BreadcrumbTrails #NXlog
2017.12.14. 12:55
Collecting Windows Logs with Nxlog

Finally, we have got the customer awareness to collect all of a system’s logs as a starting point to get more visibility inside his infrastructure.

2017.12.14. 12:55
NXLog For The Win

NXLog For The Win - an article that discusses how to set up NXLog with the ELK stack with a final conclusion: So overall, NxLog is amazing. :)

2018.01.17. 14:19