RDP honeypot with NXLog CE as part of the stack

Article about "ad-honeypot-autodeploy: RDP Honeypot fully automatically" where NXLog CE was used for running domain computers and forwarding logs to Graylog.

2021.10.13. 17:13
NXLog Community Edition mentioned as log collector on Windows

Post on Medium where NXLog CE is mentioned as a solution for ingesting Windows event logs into Graylog.

2021.10.07. 14:27
Using NXLog to forward logs to the Datadog cloud platform

NXLog is mentioned in an article about Datadog and Splunk on Medium.

2021.10.05. 10:13
Blumira/Sysmon/NXlog integration recommended for MSP

Reddit thread about suggestions for a SIEM, where Blumira/Sysmon/NXlog integration gets recommended for discovering what company workstations are hiding.

2021.10.04. 09:50
macOS logging with NXLog Enterprise Edition tweet

Twitter Apple news tweet about macOS logging with NXLog Enterprise Edition

2021.09.27. 08:07
NXLog as one of the "5 Best Tools for Log Collection and Archiving"

NXLog is on the list of "5 Best Tools for Log Collection and Archiving" by SolarWinds.

2021.09.27. 08:04
Using NXLog to collect linux/windows logs for threat hunting

NXLog mentioned in a Twitter thread with a poll about collecting logs from windows and Linux.

2021.09.27. 08:02
Video explaining configuration of NXLog CE working with Graylog

French video about adding a Windows client in Graylog using NXLog

2021.09.27. 07:59
Microsoft MSSQL Audit using NXLog Beta Deployment Guide

Publication from Securonix, devoted to using NXLog for MSSQL audit

2021.09.08. 08:51
Tweet about NXLog being the best tool for collecting logs from Windows

NXLog mentioned on Twitter as the best tool for collecting logs from Windows

2021.09.07. 12:15
NXLog mentioned in a blog post comparing Alienvault with Splunk

Cybermusa article about "AlienVault OSSIM v/s Splunk" where NXLog is mentioned

2021.09.02. 10:49
NXLog gets recommended to selectively forward logs to a hosted ELK service

Reddit discussion about "Syslog Server Recommendations" where NXLog is mentioned.

2021.08.24. 13:34
Fundamentals of SIEM article referencing NXLog for Agent-based and Agentless log collection

InfoSec Write-Ups post about the Fundamentals of SIEM, including the ways logs are collected.

2021.08.24. 13:31
Blumira's case study about Lawrence Technological University (LTU) mentioning NXLog's integration

A case study where the university IT Team integrated NXLog with Blumira, along with others cybersecurity tools, to easily centralize their logs for threat detection and response.

2021.08.20. 10:26
NXLog integration with Mapr Streams (HPE)

Hewlett Packard Enterprise community discussion about testing nxlog with mapr streams.

2021.08.18. 11:39