Collect Zeek (Bro) logs with NXLog and Chronicle

This guide describes how you can deploy Zeek (formerly Bro) and NXLog with Chronicle to collect Zeek logs in JSON format.

2022.01.21. 10:23
Using NXLog with Graylog Sidecar to collect Windows Event Log

Graylog community forum discussion about collecting logs from different Windows machines using NXLog with Sidecar.

2022.01.21. 08:39
Google mentioned NXLog as a source of data for Chronicle

Collecting Microsoft Windows DNS log data to be ingested by Google Chronicle using NXLog.

2022.01.06. 09:22
Centralised Log Collection and Monitoring

NXLog is recommended for centralized log collection and to help with analysis

2021.12.28. 10:45
Reddit post about the detection of the new Windows 0-day using NXLog as part of their solution

Blumira's article on Reddit about the 0-Day Windows Vulnerability where NXLog is part of the configuration solution for collecting Windows logs.

2021.11.25. 10:43
Using NXLog to add your Windows logs into IBM Log Analysis

IBM released docs for collecting logs from Windows, using NXLog CE as log collector.

2021.11.22. 09:41
NXLog CE mentioned in a tutorial about setting up Graylog instance

Video tutorial on how to configure the Graylog agent on Windows using NXLog.

2021.11.15. 06:49
NXLog recommended as reliable and stable Windows log collector

NXLog was mentioned as a reliable tool in general syslog discussion on the SpiceWorks forum.

2021.11.03. 13:00
NXLog gets recommended for forwarding Windows Event Log to any SIEM

Reddit discussion where NXLog gets recommended for forwarding Windows Event Log.

2021.10.29. 09:51
RDP honeypot with NXLog CE as part of the stack

Article about "ad-honeypot-autodeploy: RDP Honeypot fully automatically" where NXLog CE was used for running domain computers and forwarding logs to Graylog.

2021.10.13. 17:13
NXLog Community Edition mentioned as log collector on Windows

Post on Medium where NXLog CE is mentioned as a solution for ingesting Windows event logs into Graylog.

2021.10.07. 14:27
Using NXLog to forward logs to the Datadog cloud platform

NXLog is mentioned in an article about Datadog and Splunk on Medium.

2021.10.05. 10:13
Blumira/Sysmon/NXlog integration recommended for MSP

Reddit thread about suggestions for a SIEM, where Blumira/Sysmon/NXlog integration gets recommended for discovering what company workstations are hiding.

2021.10.04. 09:50
macOS logging with NXLog Enterprise Edition tweet

Twitter Apple news tweet about macOS logging with NXLog Enterprise Edition

2021.09.27. 08:07
NXLog as one of the "5 Best Tools for Log Collection and Archiving"

NXLog is on the list of "5 Best Tools for Log Collection and Archiving" by SolarWinds.

2021.09.27. 08:04