"NXLog's felxibility and speed is exceptional"

NXLog is endorsed for its features when it comes to edge filtering/routing/processing

2022.07.02. 11:01
GELF support in NXLog

NXLog is endorsed for its GELF support

2022.06.29. 11:00
Collecting Windows Syslog with NxLog

Setting up log collection for Windows Syslog using NXLog

2022.06.29. 10:37
Sending Windows Logs to Remote Syslog

NXLog is recommended and used to send Windows Logs to Remote Syslog

2022.06.13. 10:14
Detecting a Command and Control Attack

NXlog is used to collect logs that help catching a malicious actor. An initial alarm was triggered by a Windows Defender detection of Cobalt Strike on an internal customer asset. The associated log was provided to USM Anywhere using NXLog and was detected using a Windows Defender signature.

2022.05.10. 19:34
How to filter event logs

NXLog is recommended in this thread for filtering event logs

2022.05.09. 12:04
Log forwarding over tls to Kiwi Syslog

NXLog is recommended for forwarding logs in an anecrypted format to Kiwi Syslog

2022.04.21. 14:09
Best method to monitor & ingest a windows flat .log file

NXLog is recommended to help in monitoring & ingesting a windows flat .log file

2022.04.15. 09:46
Deploy a small, intentionally insecure, vulnerable Windows Domain for RDP Honeypot fully automatically

Follow the steps in this neat article to build Honeypot using NXLog

2022.04.12. 11:33
Using NXLog instead of WEF/WEC

This Twitter threas shows you how to ship directly to your SIEM without the need for WEF/WEC

2022.03.12. 17:31
Free Windows Event Log forwarder?

NXLog is recommended as a solution to forward Windows and syslog logs.

2022.03.09. 10:09
How to collect data about Microsoft Windows events

A detailed post on how NXLog is used to collect Microsoft Windows Events

2022.03.08. 11:43
NXLog Graylog Sidecar Heartbeat

Using NXLog with Graylog Sidecar to collect and send messages to a Graylog server.

2022.02.02. 16:05
Collect Zeek (Bro) logs with NXLog and Chronicle

This guide describes how you can deploy Zeek (formerly Bro) and NXLog with Chronicle to collect Zeek logs in JSON format.

2022.01.21. 10:23
Using NXLog with Graylog Sidecar to collect Windows Event Log

Graylog community forum discussion about collecting logs from different Windows machines using NXLog with Sidecar.

2022.01.21. 08:39