May 2022

ON-DEMAND WEBINAR: Collect logs from your macOS computers centrally to increase security

We are happy to share the recording of our latest webinar focusing on the importance of log aggregation and its implementation in environments running several Mac computers. Centralized logging from across a fleet of macOS devices was virtually unachievable until now, but our dedicated modules can filter, normalize, and aggregate logs from multiple Macs into a single SIEM input stream. This solution is by far the most configurable and versatile log collection solution for macOS.


New Antora-based Documentation Site

We are happy to announce the launch of our new Antora-based Documentation Site that offers you 

  • faster and more efficient navigation
  • readiness to publish different versions of particular documents
  • predective documentation search

Check out the new site here.

NXLog provides native support for Google Chronicle

The Google Cloud Platform allows organizations to normalize, correlate, and analyze their logging data. Chronicle makes threat hunting easy by empowering security experts to investigate logs allowing them to take a holistic approach to threat detection.

Realizing the capabilities of NXLog, in the Chronicle documentation, Google already provides guides for forwarding different log types with NXLog. However, with the arrival of NXLog Enterprise Edition 5.5, it is even easier to integrate with Google Chronicle using our native om_chronicle module, specifically designed for the Google Chronicle platform.

Read more here.

NXLog Community Edition version 3.0 HF1 Release

This is a minimal hotfix release addressing two critical bugs community users reported against the released NXLog CE 3.0 Windows build.

Read the release announcement here.

NXLog Configuration Overview

If you are new to NXLog and need help in your first configuration, this guide is going to walk you through the steps required.

Read the post here.

Controlling resource usage

NXLog is designed to collect and process logs as fast as possible. A side-effect of this may be high resource usage when there are many events to be processed. Operating system level tools can be used to limit resource consumption by NXLog, however this will also introduce a delay in log processing.

This post provides some options on how you can set up control methods that prevent NXLog from consuming more than the designated amount of RAM and CPU cycles. Different approaches and tools apply according to your operating system.

Read the post here.

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