Feb 2022

NXLog Manager v5.6 is Out Now

We are happy to announce, that the release of NXLog Manager v5.6 is now available.

The new 5.6 version mainly focuses on performance, stability and bug fixes.

  • Updated heap settings (performance related)
  • Additional changes to agent communications
  • Docker image updates
  • New logging level

See the entire changelog, or request a fully funcional trial here

NXLog Community Edition 3.0 is Out Now

We are glad to announce the release of NXLog Community Edition 3.0 which offers you several updates such as

  • new modules for collecting logs from Linux system journals and named pipes
  • lifting the 256 source limitation in Windows Event Log collection and fixes a security issue in the file output modules
  • modules to support integration with the Perl programming language
  • Python integration modules for Linux
  • the ability to directly ship logs to the Raijin database via om_raijin

See the entire changelog, learn more about Raijin DB and download NXLog Community Edition 3.0 here. If you would like to compare NXLog Community Edition to NXLog Enterprise Edition, read more here.

Efficient Log Collection in ICS/SCADA Environments (DEMO)

Industrial Control Systems are key elements in modern industrial process strategy for several industries. Since modern ICS are often connected to the network, they also become part of the global Internet attack surface. A major cyberattack against them can not only pose a risk to valuable data and economic losses, but also a threat to human safety.

With NXLog EE, collecting and sending the data needed by cybersecurity solutions to alert and react to an attack is a very simple, low-footprint task. Careful collection of traffic and log data from ICS systems can also allow administrators to plan alternate event locations that could be queried and accessed for troubleshooting and detection if monitoring stations were compromised.

Watch now the demonstration of how to collect ModBus protocol data and SCADA management logs from AVEVA SE CITECT and how you can send them to different destinations.

Book a 30-minute ICS/SCADA logging consultation with NXLog for free

The standardization and formatting of ICS logs is not as mature as in conventional computer systems. This poses a significant challenge when it comes to collecting and processing these logs, in addition to the widespread use of industry-specific network protocols (Modbus, PROFINET, BACNET, S7 Protocol, IEC 60870-5-104, IEC-61850, etc.) that a single ICS might use for interacting with various devices.

We know firsthand how tough it can be to build a logging infrastructure with such a complex system, which is why we would like to offer you a free 30-minute consultation with Rafal Jakubowski, our Technology Evangelist, to discover the specific logging needs of your environment.

Book a slot in Rafal's calendar

Centralized Windows log collection - NXLog Enterprise Edition vs. WEF

One of the challenges that security-conscious Windows administrators face is collecting and centralizing Windows event logs. One of the obvious solutions that come to mind is the native Windows Event Forwarding (WEF) feature available on all modern Windows operating systems. But while WEF is a valuable tool and can be a viable solution for collecting logs from remote Windows machines, implementing it for large-scale log collection and centralization can be a headache. As highlighted in this blog post, a WEF setup does not scale well and becomes difficult to manage. Apart from that, you still require a solution to forward logs from your WEC servers to third-party platforms.

NXLog Enterprise Edition gives you the ability to implement an agent-based or hybrid solution that you can tailor to handle all your logging needs. Its ease of deployment, configuration, and management will reduce your operational costs, which in turn can significantly reduce the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of this scalable, enterprise-ready logging solution when compared with other, less capable alternatives. If you are looking for a centralized Windows log collection solution, we invite you to take NXLog for a test drive and see for yourself.

Read the blog post here.

Reliable delivery of logs - can you trust TCP?

When considering your log collection strategy, a decision you have to make is which transport protocol to use to transfer logs from source to destination. The choice is often between the two most commonly used protocols, UDP (User Datagram Protocol) and TCP (Transfer Control Protocol). Which one to use depends on the type of logs you need to transfer, and whether performance or reliability is more important.

This blog post will compare these protocols, discuss why TCP is usually the preferred choice, and provide some options to further increase log delivery reliability with NXLog Enterprise Edition.

Read the blog post here.

Top Social Media Chatter February

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