Several stabilization fixes are available in 2.6.1131

The detailed changes are as follows:
Service control manager could not properly shut down the service on windows2003 and possibly other windows versions. This could have resulted in unsaved positions and duplicated log collection on system restart.
Fixed a panic in nx_config_cache_write() during shutdown.
Fixed an assertion failure when pm_pattern was trying to set an invalid datetime field.
The installer adds 'eventlog' as a dependency for the nxlog service.
Some error conditions (e.g. The interface is unknown, Access is denied, Invalid parameter, etc) should be handled better now by im_mseventlog.
The reroute() and add_to_route() procedures were leaking memory.
Some xm_fileop procedures did not work properly on windows, e.g. file_remove() with wildcards.
im_exec was consuming excess CPU on windows in some cases.
Fixed a memory leak in pm_buffer.
Added xm_kvp to the windows wix build script so that it is now included in the msi package.
Added an UndefValue directive to the xm_csv module to make parsing W3C logs containing the dash "-" more painless.
The parsedate() function now returns an undefined datetime type instead of aborting execution with an error.
The drop() procedure now aborts further evaluation of statements so that an else branch is no longer required when dropping events conditionally.
Suppress repeating "failed to open directory" error messages in im_file.
Fixed bad filenames in logged config locations caused by the include directive.
Experimental MacOSX port.

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