Release announcement: NXLog Enterprise Edition v4.4

We are proud to announce that we have released NXLog Enterprise Edition v4.4 the other day. Our team has worked on and solved over 40 issues to reach this milestone. You can grab the packages from Downloads. Installation and upgrade instructions are available in the User Guide under the Deployment section for your platform/s. Below is an excerpt from the changelog: 
 Fixed a memory leak in im_dbi.
 Implemented various error handling fixes to make om_kafka more resilient.
 im_winperfcount now provides an AllowInvalidCounters configuration directive.
 xm_cef handles the `start` field properly in a millisecond integer format as per the specification.
 im_etw now adds the `Flags` field.
 xm_cef supports the string based severity values: Unknown, Low, Medium, High, and Very-High.
 xm_admin now sends a SOAP fault on errors.
 xm_cef can now properly parse empty fields such as `dhost= `.
 xm_msdns was unable to parse date strings in the 12 PM range.
 Fixed a regression in some networking modules that would cause a crash on disconnection under certain conditions.
 Using multiple xm_cef instances could produce garbage data.
 Fixed a potential issue where xm_soapadmin would not reconnect to the server.
 A regression was fixed in im_file that could cause a crash with a large number of files.
 Happy logging!

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