NXLog Manager version 5.5 Release Announcement

Release announcement

After a period of quiet contemplation we are proud to announce version 5.5 of NXLog Manager.

The team added a few minor features, but the highlight of the release is the improved stability and scalability in distributed operation .

In addition

  • we made the move to systemd
  • enabled HTTPS access to the UI by default
  • and implemented a certificate management REST API

See the changelog below.



  • #3178 Certificate management REST API
  • #3103 Implemented systemd unit files
  • #3227 Warning against direct modification is written into managed configuration file
  • #3207 Support for naming agents using their hostname
  • #3292 Expose log files by default from docker container
  • #3288 NXLog Manager generates certificate and key during install
  • #3130 Write log entry when main key is decrypted


  • #3221 Certificate management API uses agent names instead of IDs
  • #3256 simplified JVM configuration (nxlog-manager.conf)
  • #3281 SSL enabled by default


  • #3317 Jetty is not able to use obfuscated key password
  • #3386 Jetty fails to start after upgrade with certificate missing error
  • #3326 Tags disappear after saving
  • #3350 issue certificate API returns "400 Error: Bad Request"
  • #3385 deleted modules remain in agent information
  • #3351 Testing on swagger UI logs out user from the web UI
  • #3372 Update and reload fails in distributed load balanced environment
  • #3371 Agent module information missing from UI and API
  • #3368 Agent cannot reconnect on reload when connecting from behind a load balancer
  • #3365 Agent connectivity issue in distributed environments
  • #3354 Local authentication fails after LDAP exception
  • #3355 "java.util.ConcurrentModificationException" while issuing certificate
  • #3356 "JMSBrokerInstance nust not be null" error in distributed mode
  • #3348 Lazy initialization error displayed when closing agent log viewer
  • #3332 path to Jetty certificate is broken under docker
  • #3192 NXLog Manager is generating broken im_linuxaudit configuration
  • #3311 Agent filter check boxes are not properly aligned
  • #3304 Agentinfo API does not accept agent name
  • #3273 valid email address refused by backup configuration form
  • #3294 Race condition in distributed load balanced setups
  • #3283 broken reference to certificate and key file locations
  • #3203 Unwanted interaction between seach box and Chrome's auto-complete feature
  • #3245 Responsivity issues with high agent counts
  • #3217 Connectivity issues with high agent counts
  • #3214 High number of inactive connections over slow links
  • #3205 UI hang when backup stalls
  • #3274 SNA/Agent name overrides are lost on restart
  • #2871 NXLog Manager is not stopped on package removal on Debian/Ubuntu

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