NXLog Manager v5.1.5116 now released

NXLog Manager v5.1.5116 is now available as of November 14 2018. Download and upgrade instructions are available for each platform in the User Guide under the NXLog Manager Installation section. New features in this release: - Added support for the following modules: - Input modules - im_etw, im_http, im_redis, im_acct, im_batchcompress, im_bsm, im_python, im_ruby, im_aixaudit, im_linuxaudit, im_azure, im_kafka - Output modules - om_http, om_redis, om_blocker, om_batchcompress, om_python, om_ruby, om_kafka - Extension modules - xm_nps, xm_exec, xm_fileop, xm_wtmp, xm_syslog, xm_grok, xm_asl, xm_msdns, xm_bsm, xm_python, xm_ruby, xm_admin, xm_charconv, xm_aixaudit, xm_pattern, xm_csv, xm_json, xm_kvp, xm_multiline, xm_resolver, xm_perl, xm_gelf, xm_w3c, xm_xml, xm_cef, xm_leef, xm_rewrite - Processor modules - pm_blocker - Added Digitally sign rpm installer packages. - Added support for NXLog Manager on AWS. - Added support for PKCS12 certificate chain export. - Ensured that login names are shown on Authentication Success in nxlog-manager.log. - Enabled async update for untrusted Agents that exists in the database. - Allowed per-Agent subject name authorization settings. - Added the ability to reset certificates if encryption key is not available. - CA (Certificate Authority) now sent to Agents in template when renewed. - Showed the difference between local and Agent config. - NXLog Manager no longer requires you to type /nxlog-manager/ in the URL. - Added export/import of templates and Agent configuration. - This is in addition to the current .zip backup method and will allow you to transfer configs between managers. - Added un-assign Tag button to Agent configuration. - Showed login names in nxlog-manager.log. - Assign a template to an Agent group. - Allow CA key encryption to be enabled/disabled. Defaults to disabled. - This is a big change for those administering CA certificate deployments, please see the [NXLog Manager User Guide](https://nxlog.co/documentation/nxlog-user-guide#manager-introduction) for further information. Fixed in this release: - Fixed the issue of deleting correlation ruleset. - Fixed the issue concerning Certificate renewal inconsistency. - Fixed the issue with Agent configuration difference not being noticed in Agent list. - Fixed the error NotSufficientPermissionsException after template assignment with fields. - Fixed an issue where new certificates couldn’t be issued for forged Agents. - Fixed an issue where certificates couldn’t be renewed for forged Agents. - Fixed an issue where Agent modules should no longer stop on deletion. - Fixed label naming: Use Exec instead of Action. - Fixed configuration issues when adding dbi module. - Fixed issue where User’s name is not displaying when Full Name is blank. - Fixed issue displaying received and sent data on page 2+. - Fixed the issue where GrantedAuthority error was being shown after v5 upgrade. - Fixed the issue of being unable to login after upgrade. - Fixed issue of "You have no access to this action" after upgrading from v4 to v5. - Fixed issue where certificate is not renewed for Agents without template. - Fixed the issue NullPointerException caused by empty fields. - Fixed the issue where a user would not get encryption keys when user is created via fixing the user/roles with CERTIFICATE permissions input. - Fixed sparklines and statistics on clustered servers. - Fixed a bug where Agent Memory Usage would show 0.00K. - Fixed a case where putfile can fail when updating agent. - Fixed the issue involving jrobinDBPath in which the error message "You don’t have permissions to read the file" was being sent. - Fixed the "pad block corrupted" error to give better logging and functionality. - Fixed an issue where some pages of the Agent List would not show options like Update and reload and Issue Certificate. - Fixed issue involving links to certificates existing when the Agent did not have a certificate configured. - Fixed refresh issues on Agent Info. - Fixed issue around variables and statistical counters list in Agent Info. - Fixed error when list Patterns gives "You have no access to this action". - Fixed address parameter in REST API agentinfo call. - Fixed issue with deleting an Agent and issuing certificate giving an error. - Fixed a rare bug with Agents cloned from an Agent belonging to a template. As is the case with all of our releases, the NXLog User Guide has been updated to clarify the procedures and new features. Feel free to get in touch if you have any questions or suggestions about this release. Happy logging!

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