NXLog Enterprise Edition version 5.6 Release Announcement

We are happy to announce, the next release of NXLog Enterprise Edition v5 is now available.

The version 5.6 fixes issues and brings new capabilities. The most noteworthy improvements are summarized below.

  • Support for basic authentication in http modules​
  • Compatibility fix for Elasticsearch 8
  • DataTimeout in xm_admin​ to help detect stale connections to the agent manager
  • Symmetric encryption in xm_crypto​
  • Updated kafka modules and librdkafka​
  • Fixed AVG statistical counter​
  • Numerous stability improvements
  • Support new platforms: Amazon Linux 2022, Ubuntu 22.04, Redhat 9

If you have feedback, would like to see additional improvements, reach out to us.

Download a fully functional trial version of NXLog Enterprise Edition 5.6 here.

2022-07-15 5.6.7727
    [4466] Added support for Amazon Linux 2022
    [4524] DNS parser disabled in im_etw
    [4340] Fixed memory leak on reconnection in om_http module
    [4271] Added support for Redhat 9
    [4270] Added support for Ubuntu 22
    [4471] Fixed memory leak in nx_module_add_poll_event()
    [4272] Updated openssl to 1.1.1q in generic packages to address CVE-2020-1971 and CVE-2020-1968
    [4246] Fixed a memory leak in im_etw module triggered by DNS parsing
    [3377] Added basic authentication support to http modules
    [4209] Prevent memory leak when calling openssl 1.0.x libraries
    [4378] Fixed memory leak issue in im_msvistalog triggered by events which are larger than 42KB
    [4265] Fixed NXLog crash triggered by API bug in windows 11 and windows server 2022
    [4295] Fixed HTTP content max size calculcation in om_http module
    [4220] Possible DoS attack prevention regarding to CVE-2022-24795
    [3598] Fixed corrupted output files issue when using the CacheSize parameter in om_file module
    [4262] Fixed parse_json crash when json key length more than 499 character
    [4160] Fixed input modules hanging issue when log files are deleted
    [4208] Security patch applied to resolve CVE-2017-16516
    [4026] Discard remaining tcp input buffer in im_http module when connection is intentionally closed due to parsing errors
    [3903] Fixed unexpected error message when calling the uid_to_name function on unresolve SIDs
    [4152] Added DataTimeout parameter to xm_admin
    [4231] Fixed potential loss of unsent data after nxlog is restarted in persistent queue mode
    [3774] Added an optional parameter controlling file encoding to getFile requests in xm_admin
    [4221] Fixed agent crash during the audit logs reading in xm_sap
    [4207] Fixed issue when im_udp cannot start because OS occupied the port
    [3238] Implemented symmetric encryption of event fields in xm_crypto module
    [3860] Prevent data loss in Chronicle
    [3777] Fixed im_odbc module stalling issue which triggered by a deadlock error from the database
    [4180] Fixed xm_netflow memory leak issue
    [4158] Fixed buffer overflow issue in record-serialize.c/nx_record_to_membuf()
    [3779] More readable error messages in Rust Modules
    [4170] Improved im_pcap stability to avoid the application hangs
    [3656] Fixed an issue in om_odbc module triggered by the Sql and Exec directive execution order
    [3934] Stable fix for TLS handshake issue when nxlog is connecting to itself
    [4134] Fixed high CPU usage and nxlog hang issues when using utf-32 on a file with encoding utf-8
    [4123] Fixed an assertion error in readerfuncs.c/nx_module_input_func_binaryreader()
    [4131] Fixed an assertion error in xm_charconv_funcproc_cb.c/nx_expr_proc__convert_fields()
    [4069] Fixed issue with the multiple om_chronicle configuration
    [4135] Fixed incorrect format string in 'throw_msg()'
    [4081] Prevent memory leak on NXLog shutdown if systemd journal is not available
    [2307] Support the new librdkafka high-level KafkaConsumer API in im_kafka
    [4121] Fixed arguments checkup in xm_xml
    [3952] Fixed memory leak in event.c
    [3878] Fixed AVG calculation in statistical counters
    [3907] Fixed memory leak caused by leaking ModuleContext
    [3596] Improved SSL client behaviour in http modules
    [3962] Fixed an incompatibility problem in ElasticSearch:indextype_doc is not supported from versions 8.x

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