NXLog Enterprise Edition version 4.9 Release Announcement

Release Announcement

We are proud to announce the next minor release in the old stable version of NXLog Enterprise Edition: 4.9

The release fixes a number of bugs and issues. Most of our current feature development is going into the 5.x releases, but we are still providing full support for the 4.x line.

If you have feedback, would like to see additional improvements, reach out to us.

Download a fully funcional trial version of NXLog Enterprise Edition 4.9 here.


* 2020-11-04 4.9.4876
    [#2511] Fixed a parsing error observed in forwarded Windows 4662 events
    [#2438] Added support for collecting stderr to im_exec
    [#2586] Fixed an error causing im_odbc to stall after MS SQL fetch error
    [#2294] Debian packages are now signed using deb-sign
    [#2379] Fixed incorrect use of SSL_shutdown()
    [#2815] Fixed a performance issue in im_regmon
    [#2813] Added missing content-length header to xm_admin http responses
    [#1619] Cleaned unnecessary RPATH from Linux generic packages
    [#2723] Fixed an error causing reload over xm_admin to fail if im_wseventing is in use
    [#2620] Fixed a unicode escaping issue in common JSON handling code
    [#2848] Fixed segmentation fault in uuid.c
    [#2758] Fixed lo4ensics.conf include in default config on MacOS
    [#2842] Fixed im_exec valgrind errors

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