NXLog Enterprise Edition version 4.7 Release Announcement

Release announcement

We are happy to announce the release of NXLog Enterprise Edition v4.7 This release is mostly about minor functionality improvements and bug fixes. The highlights: * macOS auditing fixes * AIX auditing fixes You can grab the packages from Downloads. Installation and upgrade instructions are available in the User Guide under the Deployment section for your platform/s. See the changelog below.


 * 2020-03-03 4.7.4715
 [2253] Added reconnect logic to om_uds to deal with transient error opening the socket
 [2332] Fixed missing man pages on macOS
 [2245] Fix error causing empty $raw_message field with im_bsm
 [2205] Fixed an error in im_msvistalog causing "[error code: 0] no error" being reported
 [2110] Refactored the per TCP connection pool usage in modules
 [2159] Cleaned up Include directive's escape syntax on Windows
 [1957] Fixed error causing xm_admin to fail to reconnect in Connect mode and segfault on exit
 [2239] Re-enabled snappy compression in librdkafka on Windows
 [2134] Fixed error that caused im_odbc to forget saved position
 [2190] Disabled kafka support for AIX
 [2142] Fixed issue where parse_syslog() failed with numbers in hostname
 [2187] Fixed BSM event parsing on MacOS
 [1308] Made configuration parser case insensitive with regards to module name
 [2186] Fixed process hang on AIX right after start with im_aixaudit
 [1297] Various small fixes for om_redis
 [1923] Fixed error handling for apr_file_open
 [2201] Fixed issue where im_batchcompress only accepts a single connection
 [2146] Fixed issue where om_udpspoof LocalPort setting was ignored

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