NXLog Enterprise Edition version 4.6 Release Announcement

Release announcement

We are happy to announce the release of NXLog Enterprise Edition v4.6 Our team has worked on and solved 69 issues to reach this milestone. This release is mostly about minor functionality improvements and bug fixes. The highlights: * PUB/SUB support in redis modules * Updated FlowControl implementation and documentation * Numerous fixes in our LEEF parser * Plugged a few small memory leaks You can grab the packages from Downloads. Installation and upgrade instructions are available in the User Guide under the Deployment section for your platform/s. See the changelog below.


 * 2019-11-19 4.6.4640
 [2192] Updated librdkafka to 1.1.0 on Windows. 
 [2168] Fixed an issue where xm_leef would stop processing data with a "binary operation failed" error message. 
 [2175] Fixed a memory corruption in xm_soapadmin caused by module variables.
 [765] Fixed error causing nxlog-processor to hang on exit
 [1009] Added om_raijin for real
 [1469] Added support for PUB/SUB communication to im_redis and om_redis
 [1571] Fixed malformed SSL error message on SLES 15
 [1641] Fixed an error causing PAUSED modules to ignore connection attempts
 [1917] Configuration check (-v) does not require -f on Windows any more
 [1955] Fixed an error causing nxlog.log not to be recreated after log rotation
 [1975] Added support for a non-standard message (Response packet ... does not match any outstanding query) in xm_msdns
 [1976] Added support for parsing hex flags in Windows DNS Server log files
 [1985] Fixed memory leak in xm_asl
 [1986] Fixed memory leak in xm_charconv
 [1987] Fixed memory leak in xm_filelist
 [1997] Fixed memory leak in pm_evcorr
 [2005] Added field count validation to parse_leef()
 [2006] Fixed an IIS access log parsing error in xm_w3c
 [2013] Fixed slow TLS negotiation in im_batchcompress
 [2018] Fixed an issue with parsing timestamp and host name in parse_leef()
 [2025] Added ReadTimeout directive to control the time nxlog-processor will wait for additional data before exiting
 [2027] Added proper remapping of severity between NXLog's internal values and standard LEEF values in to_leef()
 [2037] Fixed getLog and getFile operations in xm_admin and in xm_soapadmin to gracefully handle ASCII NULL characters in files
 [2046] Reimplemented LEEF delimiter character configuration
 [2047] Fixed librdkafka compilation issue with OpenSSL 1.0.2s on Windows
 [2056] Fixed a crash in nxlog-processor when debug logging was on with a high number of ActiveFiles
 [2068] Added log queue to im_internal to fix nxlog start up error under docker
 [2075] Updated install procedure for MacOS Catalina read-only system volume
 [2076] Fixed a parsing error under high throughput conditions when using multiple instances of xm_leef
 [2080] Fixed config cache memory leak
 [2081] Fixed memory leak in xm_kvp
 [2090] Fixed a segfault in escape_json()
 [2086] Fixed memory leak in im_ssl
 [2106] Fixed a segmentation fault caused by calling nxlog_version()
 [2108] Fixed error causing xm_rewrite to interfere with follow-up Exec statements
 [2147] Fixed typo resulting in confusing error message in om_udpspoof
 [2149] Unified and documented FlowControl behaviour

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