NXLog Enterprise Edition version 4.5 Release Announcement

We are happy to announce the release of NXLog Enterprise Edition v4.5

Our team has worked on and solved over 60 issues to reach this milestone.

The highlight of the release is expanding the list of our supported platforms:

  • Amazon Linux 2 on ARM instances
  • Debian 10
  • Redhat 8

You can grab the packages from Downloads. Installation and upgrade instructions are available in the User Guide under the Deployment section for your platform/s.

See the changelog below.

2019-08-15 4.5.4503

  • [2042] Fixed missing leef separator
  • [1949] Added new feature to allow field names to begin with underscore for function to_json()
  • [1816] Added helper script to clean up upgrade from nxsec version
  • [1826] Adapted PersistentLogqueue for om_kafka
  • [1972] Enabled building ARM(aarch64) Amazon Linux 2 packages
  • [1750] Fixed an error where *m_tcp connection type autodetection failure was causing performance degradation
  • [1926] Add support for librdkafka 1.1.0
  • [2003] Fixed programming error where unsupported option 'security.protocol' was set for (librdkafka < 0.9.0)
  • [1788] Add support for kerberos/SASL to Windows and generic packages
  • [1954] Fixed regression in im_internal causing failure to forward startup log event message
  • [1434] Changed ‘SSLProtocol’ settings to behave as documented
  • [1947] Enabled building Debian 10 packages
  • [1963] Fixed im_linuxaudit build issue on Debian 10
  • [1869] Enabled building RHEL8 packages
  • [1836] Implement ‘-q’ aka silent mode switch
  • [1927] Added ‘AddHeader’ directive to om_elasticsearch for connecting to Humio's Elastic Search service
  • [1009] Add output module for Raijin, the schemaless database
  • [2011] Fixed error where stopping NXLog results in crash if 'Threads' is set to 1
  • [1868] Fixed om_kafka behavior where missing producer or topic were handled as terminal errors
  • [1867] Fixed om kafka_bug where last queued message is duplicated after restart
  • [1968] Fixed a crash bug in im_msvistalog
  • [1948] Fixed multiple xm_cef parsing issues
  • [1904] Fixed issue where om_kafka modul is not found on Windows
  • [1932] Fixed om_batchcompress and om_batchcompress_new memory leak
  • [1899] Fixed crash on Windows when NXLog is running with -f and stopped by CTRL-C

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