NXLog Enterprise Edition version 4.10 Release Announcement

We are happy to announce the next minor release of the v4 branch: version 4.10 The release fixes bugs and brings a refresh of the om_raijin output module. om_raijin can be used to send data to the Raijin Database If you have feedback, would like to see additional improvements, reach out to us. Download a fully funcional trial version of NXLog Enterprise Edition 4.10 here.


 * 2021-07-01 4.10.5000
 [#3167] Updated om_raijin for current raijin version
 [#3357] Fixed DateFormat initialization error causing xm_json to ignore the format set by the directive
 [#2978] Changed xm_admin getlog API to replace unprintable characters with ? and log a warning about it
 [#3169] Fixed stripping for nxlog packages
 [#2647] Updated libapr to 1.7 in generic packages
 [#3129] Fixed warnings caused by undefined field type for audit_enabled and audit_backlog_limit in im_linuxaudit
 [#3202] Backported im_linuxaudit field converters for cmd, mode, uid, gid, arch, syscall fields
 [#3334] Fixed incompatibility warning on MacOS Big Sur
 [#3290] Fixed a potential memory leak in im_linuxaudit
 [#3021] Fixed an event handling logic error in multiple modules
 [#3230] Fixed a segmentation fault in xm_admin caused by malformed SOAP request
 [#3155] Set -O2 optimization for all builds
 [#3716] Dependency updates for generic packages
 [#3196] Improved error handling when $raw_event is missing
 [#3262] Fixed an SSL related crash in im_wseventing
 [#3232] Fixed a memory leak in xm_json triggered by $raw_event not containing a date when parse_json() is called
 [#3221] Fixed an error causing im_redis to truncate messages to 1026 bytes when the Key is not set in the configuration
 [#2979] Fixed a race condition in internal logging causing unprintable binary data to be logged in nxlog.log
 [#3045] Fixed error handling for malformed requests in xm_admin
 [#3129] Fixed warnings caused by multiple undefined field types in im_linuxaudit
 [#3153] Fixed a crash in om_elasticsearch and im_raijin when $raw_event is missing
 [#3108] Fixed a memory leak in xm_multiline
 [#3143] Fixed unthrottled logging of truncations caused by exceeding the StringLimit
 [#3137] Fixed a crash caused by SIGUSR1 while xm_resolver is in use
 [#2930] Fixed multiple FlowControl issues causing excessive message drop with complex configurations
 [#3014] Fixed a memory leak leading in xm_python
 [#2388] Fixed a error resulting in scheduled event processing delays
 [#2833] Fixed a log formatting error in core when a string is truncated for exceeding StringLimit
 [#2859] Fixed a memory leak in core on shutdown and restart
 [#2895] Changed im_linuxaudit to populate the $HostName field
 [#2867] Fixed a bug in om_http causing it to send '%ld' as the Content-Length
 [#2883] Fixed a segfault caused by large string or integer addition operations on AIX
 [#2860] Fixed a segfault caused by not having any rules loaded in im_linuxaudit
 [#2843] Fixed a crash in im_batchcompress/SSL triggered by plain TCP connection checks

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