NXLog Enterprise Edition v4.3 released

We have released NXLog Enterprise Edition v4.3 today. Our team has worked on and solved over 70 issues to reach this milestone. You can grab the packages from Downloads. Installation and upgrade instructions are available in the User Guide under the Deployment section for your platform/s. Below is an excerpt from the changelog: 
 Fixed a regression in xm_cef generating dates in the future.
 Various fixes to im_bsm and xm_bsm to be able to cope with binary audit logs better on macOS and Solaris.
 The perl modules are now available in the Windows MSI package.
 Excessive logging and some potential crashes were fixed in xm_admin.
 The configcache handler had a race condition that could cause random crashes with the im_msvistalog module.
 Fixed a race condition with multiple im_perl instances.
 A memory leak was fixed that was triggered by receiving an incomplete line and terminating the connection.
 Added zlib compression support to modules utilizing TLS.
 The datetime() function can automatically detect and parse integer values expressed as seconds, milliseconds and microseconds.
 Updated the bundled librdkafka library to 0.11.6 and made sure it is built with TLS support.
 The kafka modules are now available in the AIX package.
 The im_etw module was enhanced to be able to handle MOF providers such as Microsoft-Windows-IIS-FTP.
 Implemented CaptureEventXML in im_wseventing.
 The xm_aixaudit module now also generates a Verbose field with information from /etc/security/audit/events.
 Added a Call directive to the perl and python modules.
 im_acct now generates field names in CamelCase.
 Fixed some parse errors in im_bsm on macOS (unknown type 0x81).
 Implemented CreateDir for im_uds.
 The parsedate() and related functions can now parse second, millisecond and microsecond integer timestamps.
 im_linuxaudit now handles fields better with the `-F` rule.
 Fixed a regression in im_msvistalog that may have caused it to slowly process events.
 Fixed a regression in file_cycle resulting in a deadlock with im_internal.
 Fixed a double free and excessive logging in xm_grok.
 Fixed a memory leak regression in im_fim.
 Happy logging!

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