NXLog Enterprise Edition is now certified with RHEL and SUSE Linux Enterprise; Advances centralized logging in these ecosystems

NXLog, the developer of NXLog Enterprise Edition - a modular, multi-threaded, high-performance log collection solution - has announced that it is now a certified partner for RHEL 7 by Red Hat Enterprise Linux and SUSE Linux Enterprise System and SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop versions.

While the NXLog Enterprise Edition already supports these operating systems, undergoing the partner certification scheme cements the commitment for a stable and reliable software that will meet enterprise logging requirements. This is indispensable for administrators operating on infrastructures that are dependent on the RHEL and/or SUSE operating systems. It is also a requisite for those responsible in maintaining successful logging and auditing environments.

The NXLog Enterprise Edition can integrate with any SIEM to avoid vendor lock-in and provides wider OS support for Microsoft Windows, GNU/Linux, macOS, Oracle Solaris, IBM AIX, FreeBSD and OpenBSD. Secure and reliable collection and transfer is offered across many layers of the OSI model - from reliable transfer with protocol level acknowledgment, full TLS/SSL support for encrypted data transfers right through to signed installer packages at the application level. File integrity monitoring is supported in order to meet the requirements the maintain data integrity for compliance obligations. Reliability and efficiency are prioritized by offering scalable solution that can handle thousands of connections in server mode. The overall software is lightweight with a low memory footprint and works with high availability systems. Read more about NXLog Enterprise Edition on its product page.

A wide range of data formats and protocols are supported and NXLog Enterprise Edition is designed with structured data in mind. Your reports are as good as the data you gather. Make sure to collect your event data the right way!

Visit the NXLog Enterprise Edition product page in the Red Hat certified software directory.

Visit the NXLog Enterprise Edition product page in the SUSE Partner Software Catalog to see the details on supported versions, hardware architecture and compatibility.

Learn more about NXLog products.

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