NXLog Newsletter November Edition: new releases and various User Guide enhancements

We have released November Edition of NXLog Newsletter, which contains information on new releases of NXLog products and detailed information on User Guide updates and improvements. NXLog Manager v5.1.5116 released NXLog Manager v5.1.5116 is now available as of November 14 2018. Download and upgrade instructions are available for each platform in the User Guide under the NXLog Manager Installation section.

Centralized log collection with NXLog

People outside the security industry probably would answer this question: "To fill up disk space". Partly true, logging can be a point of failure in the system if the log files are not properly rotated and managed. On the security side, logs are a crucial part of our world’s IT systems. For example, how would we know who accessed our e-mail account and when? This would be impossible to answer without logging data about these events.

NXLog Community Edition update and other goodies

The NXLog Community Edition was first published in 2011 and it started picking up momentum during the years becoming the preferred log collection tool for thousands of users and companies across the globe.

We are happy to announce that a new version of the NXLog Community Edition has been published recently. A lot of users have already noticed that nxlog-ce_2.10.2102 is available for download. Hopefully this news entry should make that more apparent now :).