May 2019

NXLog Manager 5.4 Release Announcement

We have released NXLog Manager 5.4

Our team has worked on and solved a number of key issues including the following

  • im_wseventing module client certificate update not pushed to the agent
  • Assigning agents to templates: the template selection shows a list of agents instead of templates
  • Agents disappear from view after executing an action
  • Template links break after sorting the templates table
  • Double printed messages after actions executed from the agent info page
  • Adding variables chart in UI does not display it
  • Reset certificate and keys fails with the existing license in the database
  • Encryption key not updated on password change through "ADMIN/Users" page
  • Deleting a CA neglects to chek if templates are using the CA
  • Agent connection issues
  • xm_multiline module configuration directive inconsistency: Action used instead of Exec
  • Clone agent template and create agents error from the second page on
  • Restore backup fails with "JAXB unmarshalling exception"

Read the rest of the release notes and download the latest version of NXLog Manager here.


Whitepaper: Windows Event Forwarding

Making the Most of Windows Event Forwarding for Centralized Log Collection. 

Windows Event Forwarding (WEF) provides log centralization capabilities that are natively supported in Windows-based systems. This post covers the advantages of using Windows Event Forwarding and its limitations. However, don’t let these limitations set you back from making the most of WEF when you use a log collection solution such as NXLog. Click here to read the full article.

Use NXLog to collect and forward logs to Splunk

The Splunk Universal Event Forwarder for Windows cannot collect ETW data. Other solutions can be used such as the NXLog im_etw module as shown in this video.

We show a demonstration on how you can use NXLog ETW input module to collect and forward Event Tracing for Windows (ETW) data, write it in JSON structured data format, and forward to Splunk.

Use NXLog to collect other types of data on Windows and Linux platforms - from Windows EventLog to file-based log collection, file integrity monitoring and more.



Top Tweet in June 

Use NXLog to collect and forward logs to your #ElasticSearch / #Kibana dashboard and visualize your log data.

Integration is possible with both the free NXLog Community Edition and the NXLog Enterprise Edition.




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