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WATCH NOW! TECH REFRESH SEMINAR: What's new in the NXLog Enterprise Edition 5.1, 5.2, and 5.3, plus meet NXLog's new Agent Management and Database solutions

Don't miss our new Tech Refresh Seminar Series where we showcase all the new features the recent versions have brought to NXLog's solution for enterprise logging. You'll also have the opportunity to see what's coming up in our next release, and we also provide a brief introduction to our two new products (a new Agent Management and Database solution). The video series is divided into four parts:

  • Part I: What's new in NXLog Enterprise Edition v5+
  • Part II: NXLog upcoming release and roadmap
  • Part III: The future of Agent Management (including our new product NXLog Minder)
  • Part IV: Raijin (our new schemaless database engine for storing events)


NXLog Minder - New hyper-scalable, API-first agent management solution to manage all your NXLog Enterprise Edition instances

When large enterprises start designing a log collection strategy, they realize how challenging it is to manage and monitor a large number of log collection agents across their entire network, especially when many servers filling different roles are managed by multiple teams, each in charge of its own system. Now with NXLog Minder (NXLog's new agent management solution), it is easier to remotely manage and monitor thousands of agents from a central interface by deploying configurations faster across any infrastructure with simple APIs.

NXLog Minder's is available as a server, a command-line management tool, and as a set of well-documented public APIs to automate deployments and to address the requirements of large organizations with complex security architectures. The tool’s adaptability enables users to automate their agents at their convenience and aims to support and scale up to 250,000 agents on four plus one nodes in a distributed deployment.

It integrates with solutions like Prometheus and Grafana that can easily be set up to collect metrics for data visualization and alerting. NXLog Minder runs efficiently in cloud or local environments, needing just a simple configuration file to set up the agent. It also works with divisions that span wide geographic regions, in which separate IT teams need to manage the agents locally, or those that need universal visibility across all locations for regulatory compliance.

Get a better context of your agents’ population. Learn more about NXLog Minder.

Forwarding event data to LogPoint (LogPoint Agent vs NXLog Enterprise Edition)

NXLog is a LogPoint partner, providing the technology for the LogPoint Agent. The LogPoint Agent is essentially a limited functionality NXLog Enterprise Edition agent, both sharing the same technology and configuration method. This means that a full-featured NXLog Enterprise Edition can easily replace a LogPoint Agent installation to gain access to additional functionalities, including:

  • Support for additional operating systems including IBM AIX and Apple macOS.
  • An extended list of modules providing functionality such as:

    • Collecting logs from ETW on Windows systems and setting up NXLog as a Windows Event Collector.

    • Collecting network packet captures.

    • Receiving logs over HTTP(s), enabling you to integrate with cloud-based platforms.

    • And many more. See the complete list of input and extension modules available in NXLog Enterprise Edition

NXLog can integrate directly with the LogPoint SIEM solution by sending log data to it in syslog format over TCP or UDP and also supports receiving logs from the LogPoint Raw Syslog Forwarder.

Start forwarding event data to LogPoint. Read the complete guide.

Reduce log size and cut costs with NXLog

Logging events have become essential to enterprise-level IT operations to provide security and performance monitoring of business operations. However, it poses a couple of risks: companies may not only collect too many logs, but they may also easily miss to collect the logs that would be most useful for monitoring security-related events. 

Data logging is all about quality and not quantity, and that's why regardless of your organization's size, industry, or current logging infrastructure, NXLog’s flexibility provides numerous ways of reducing log noise and volume which can significantly reduce operation costs.

Find out more. Read the complete article.

Forwarding logs with NXLog

When it comes to collecting and forwarding logs there are a few things to consider, such as the volume of data, which protocols to use, and of course security, for sending sensitive data over the network. Secure transport of data becomes exponentially important if logs need to leave your company’s internal network to be sent over public channels in order to get them into a cloud-based SIEM, which is often the case.

So whether your concern is security, size, flexibility, or any other requirement you might have regarding your logs or your industry’s specific logging needs, NXLog's modular design and scalable, distributed logging architecture can meet the requirements of almost any scenario. 

See some popular use cases for forwarding log data.

Top Social Media Chatter June

What did the community have to say about NXLog on social media?  Tweet us or share our updates with us on LinkedIn for an opportunity to be listed in this newsletter.

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