How to roughly estimate Nxlog system requirements for windows to support 4000 events per seconds

We are currently using Nxlog enterprise 4.0.3735 to send events logs(windows events - > json out) from windows server to central log server.
1) I want to estimate system requirements(cpu,memory,disk) needed by nxlog agent to handle 4000 to 5000 events per seconds. I m also concerned about what happens when the agent gets high (unexpected) number of events more than expected during peak load times

AskedAugust 20, 2018 - 4:36pm

nxlog output (json in *.log) and Splunk

Hello All,

Here is my question go through it!


Sysadmins set nxlog syslog to put event logs from windows to external directory. The log format is 'json' with extension *.log My question is how to properly import those data to splunk and index it. Right now SPLUNK don't recognize all fields (like a EventType, EventID, Hostname etc.)

thanks in advance

AskedMarch 1, 2018 - 5:54am

nxlog-3.99.3098-1_rhel7.x86_64. - KAFKA OUTPUT PROBLEM

Hi, I have a problem with nxlog. Try to start service nxlog with kafka configuration (including installation librdkafka) and unfortunately i have an error with starting nxlog:

error: "Unit nxlog.service has begun starting up.

AskedJanuary 4, 2018 - 8:55am

NXLog and ODBC

Hi ,

Trying to create an ODBC connect for NXLog to connect to.   NXLog is installed on the same Windows 2012 server as the SQL Server 2008R2 instance.


Scenario 1:

32-bit ODBC is setup as a System DSN with a SQL Server account that has DBO access to the desired database

NXLog service is setup to run under the System account.   


- I've tried both drivers available on the system ("SQL Server Native Client 10.0"  and "SQL Server")

AskedOctober 11, 2017 - 9:54pm

Multiple Nxlog.exe Process (WIN)

Hello, we’re looking at using multiple instances of nxlog.exe on the same Windows machine. What is the supported method for this please?

If I create a new process we receive the ERROR Service is already running log entry.


AskedMay 30, 2017 - 12:58pm